We believe innovation in the 2020’s is about every company and industry developing collaborative and sustainable solutions focused on Purpose, People, Profit and Planet.

We live in a highly connected global environment in a time of accelerated change. To meet the challenges ahead we need to harness emerging disruptive technologies and collaborative new business models with a clear focus on sustainability.

New Zealand is uniquely placed to lead many growth industries into the 2020’s to help solve; global, social, environmental and economic problems.

As Kiwi innovators its time to apply our entrepreneurial spirit, technological capability and innovation know - and focus it on developing a sustainable and prosperous future for us all.


Ideas Accelerator is dedicated to assisting organisations build innovation capability for the growth and development of new products, services and to improve the performance of people and teams. It was born out of a love for helping kiwi businesses use innovation and design thinking to prosper and grow.

We work with frameworks like quadruple bottom line; purpose, people, profit, planet and the UN Sustainable Development Goals to help you understand your business, customers and markets of the future.


We help you understand who you are and how your organisation can find new opportunities by focusing on solving some of the worlds biggest problems.


We help you to unlock new insights from your customers, teams, markets and key stakeholders by using diverse thinking to solve industry and business problems.


We help you to understand where to invest time and resources to get the best innovation results. To grow your business for a new sustainable future.


We help you to develop innovative, sustainable and climate friendly solutions by taking a pragmatic approach to understanding your environmental impact. Together we’ve got this!

Latest articles

Understanding the Circular Economy

Understanding the Circular Economy

New Zealand business is transitioning to a low carbon economy.

It's time for us to understand the circular economy. It's not rocket science. We can redesign the way our economy works one product, service and business at a time...thanks to the brilliant team at: who have created shared this video.

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The challenge of change...

The challenge of change...

First published July 23rd 2010 by the National Business Review - Where has all the innovation gone?

New Zealanders are world renowned for coming up with breakthrough thinking and ideas. We have a DIY and entrepreneurial culture that has at times brought us great national pride and international recognition. So why is it that we don’t seem to be able to commercialise many of these great ideas? What is the gap and what are we doing wrong?

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Innovation meets Sustainability

Innovation meets Sustainability

…answering Vincent Heeringa's rhetorical question...

“If we are to galvanise consumers and voters in more than virtue signalling, climate change and biodiversity need a better story. Do you know of one?” Vincent Heeringa, Anthem, Executive Director – ‘Climate Change has a PR Problem’. Idealog Dec 2018

Thanks for asking Vincent…yes…yes…I think I do!

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how we can help

We use a ‘tool kit’ of innovation and design thinking approaches to solve business and industry problems. And explore new and emerging disruptive technologies to develop new products and services to meet future customer needs. Armed with the right tools we can help you achieve anything.


Understand emerging and disruptive technologies, local and global market trends, customer markets, new business models, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how these can positively impact your organisation’s future growth.


Identify big global, industry and business challenges. To help you to focus your business development strategies on solving real and tangible problems for the future.


Solve problems and unlock value with solutions. By harnessing the power of collaboration and using the tools of innovation and design thinking to build a plan.


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