We’re entering the 2020’s so we need to build and transform organisations to help solve; global, social, environmental and economic problems.

It’s a fast-paced and changing global environment. We need to meet the challenges ahead by harnessing emerging disruptive technologies and collaborative business models.

New Zealand is uniquely placed to lead many growth industries into the 2020’s. It’s time to bring all of our entrepreneurial capability, technological advancements and innovation know-how to bear on developing and realising a sustainable and prosperous future.

We believe innovation in the 2020’s is about developing innovative and sustainable solutions focused on Purpose, People, Profit and Planet. 


We help you understand who you are and how your organisation can express its purpose in new and relevant ways. How to find new opportunities by solving some of the worlds biggest problems.


We help you to understand your customers, teams, markets, key stakeholders and how you can use diverse thinking to solve industry problems.


We help you to understand where to invest time and resources to get the best innovation results. To grow your business for the future.


We help you to work on developing sustainable and climate friendly solutions. And take a pragmatic approach to understand your environmental impact. Together we’ve got this!

Latest articles

Fresh Eyes bring new perspectives

Fresh Eyes bring new perspectives

New perspectives to contribute to a more vibrant, sustainable & connected City for visitors and locals. Welcome to Christchurch NZ students from St. Olaf College, Minnesota USA.

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Innovation meets Sustainability

Innovation meets Sustainability

…answering Vincent Heeringa's rhetorical question...

“If we are to galvanise consumers and voters in more than virtue signalling, climate change and biodiversity need a better story. Do you know of one?” Vincent Heeringa, Anthem, Executive Director – ‘Climate Change has a PR Problem’. Idealog Dec 2018

Thanks for asking Vincent…yes…yes…I think I do!

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Cultural shifts

Cultural shifts

It just makes perfect sense...the power and potential of business is finally being asked and expected to act decisively. To meaningfully contribute to society and the communities they impact. To hold true to a purpose bigger than themselves. To actively contribute to a better environment not just settling for minimizing damage. To show excellence in generating sustainable profit. Genuine brands that consumers can trust. Leaders we can be proud of. Positive change is on the way... thanks Idealog  - Andy Blackburn.  

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How we can help


Emerging and disruptive technologies, global market trends, customer markets, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how these can positively impact your organisation’s future growth.


BIG global, industry and business challenges. To ensure you focus your business development and future strategies on ‘real and tangible’ problems.


Problems and unlock value with solutions. By harnessing the power of collaboration and using the tools of innovation and design thinking to build a plan.


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