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The challenge of change...

First published July 23rd 2010 by the National Business Review - Where has all the innovation gone?

New Zealanders are world renowned for coming up with breakthrough thinking and ideas. We have a DIY and entrepreneurial culture that has at times brought us great national pride and international recognition. So why is it that we don’t seem to be able to commercialise many of these great ideas? What is the gap and what are we doing wrong?

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Innovation meets Sustainability

…answering Vincent Heeringa's rhetorical question...

“If we are to galvanise consumers and voters in more than virtue signalling, climate change and biodiversity need a better story. Do you know of one?” Vincent Heeringa, Anthem, Executive Director – ‘Climate Change has a PR Problem’. Idealog Dec 2018

Thanks for asking Vincent…yes…yes…I think I do!

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The power of businesss

It just makes perfect sense...the power and potential of business is finally being unleashed and their is an expectation of the need to act decisively. To meaningfully contribute to society and the communities they impact. To hold true to a purpose bigger than themselves. To actively contribute to a better environment not just settling for minimizing damage. To show excellence in generating sustainable profit. Genuine brands that consumers can trust. Leaders we can be proud of. Positive change is on the way... thanks Idealog - Andy Blackburn.  

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